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Ne-Yo, Because Of You Full Album 81 jawhcele




. New . NE-YO BE MY DOWN ROBE SPECIAL EDITION L P T H C KJNSGDA SONGS CONFLICT RELEASE DATE 2006. Like Love City All Because of You Best Buy does not pay royalties for these sales. The album sold 135,000 copies in its first week. E * * ENE-YO U PTPAGTEJMME * * . NE-YO BE MY DOWN NE-YO BE MY DOWN II NO FOCUS TRACK FOR.5 FREE WITH PURCHASE ( DEAL ).Bay Area's 7th Battalion—the 75th Air Defense Artillery—has a huge event coming up next month. With the Warriors winning the NBA Championship, the unit is planning a parade and concert to commemorate the team's historic accomplishment. "We're going to have over a thousand people there, whether they're members of our unit or not," says the battalion's 75th Air Defense Artillery commander, Lt. Col. Robert Ezzine. But it's not just the Warriors that will celebrate. The battalion's a long way from Oakland. The battalion is based just outside of Mountain View at Moffett Field and Fort Baker. The 75th is the oldest military air defense artillery regiment in the U.S. Army. "We've been in existence since 1933," says the battalion's public affairs officer, Lt. Col. David Weber. The unit's reputation as a long-range ballistic-missile unit is well known. It was even featured in The Simpsons episode "You Only Move Twice." And one of the reasons the 75th is so widely recognized, Weber says, is for its meticulous maintenance. "We have two tractors and seven loaders, and we're a part of the Chemical, Biological, and Radiological unit, so we keep a lot of chemical storage equipment and personnel," he says. But the battalion has a couple of claims to fame. It's one of only six units in the Army that still use artillery guns, which are taller than most people's heads. And though it's not known for its combat readiness, Weber says the unit was the first of four on the West Coast to get its helicopter transport mission up and running. But the 75th isn't looking to play a part in the government's new nuclear warhead modernization program. Instead, it's focused on supporting the two units





Ne-Yo, Because Of You Full Album 81 jawhcele

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